About Us – SPD MAGS
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About Us

SPD Mag’s goal was to create a firearms magazine that is effortless and fast, without help from a magazine loader or speed-loading mechanism. After four years of research and development, thousands of prototypes, and three patents, the final product is flawless in form and function. The result is a time-saving magazine that eliminates the need for a magazine loader and provides thousands of rounds of dependable service through years of use.

SPD Mag’s products (patented, made, and assembled in the USA) are a magazine accessory that we coupled to an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) magazine tube. This converts an ordinary magazine into an SPD Mag. The decision to use OEM magazine tubes is because they meet our standards of quality and reliability.

SPD Mag’s products are made of only the highest quality materials. Carbon fiber composite, 6061 aluminum, and stainless steel.