SPD MAGS for Glock | Made in the USA Glock Magazine Accessory
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Magazine Details

  • SPD Mags are a magazine accessory coupled to a Glock original magazine tube and spring, converting an ordinary magazine into an SPD Mag.
  • SPD Mags are effortless and take mere seconds to load without help from an easy load or speed-loading mechanism.
  • Ergonomically engineered, SPD Mags perfectly combine form and function.
  • Each SPD Mag is custom-designed for each firearm to provide more hand comfort and stability when shooting.
  • All products are backed by four years of research and development, dozens of prototypes, three patents, patents pending, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • SPD Mag accessories are made and assembled in the USA
  • After shooting with an SPD Mag you won’t ever want to shoot with an ordinary magazine again!

Product Construction Details

  • SPD Mag’s products are made with only the highest quality materials
  • All polymer parts, including the follower, are made from 30% Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer, not glass-filled like other firearms polymer products. This make our products stronger and more impact resistant.
  • SPD MAG’s internal parts are made from swiss machined 6061 billet anodized aluminum, 302 stainless steel, and 17-7 stainless steel.