Letzter Tag vor Ort auf der Shot Show 2022 - wir haben heute noch einmal ein paar Firmen besucht, die wir kurz im VLOG zusammengefasst haben. Heute und in den nächsten Tagen folgen weitere Beiträge zur Shot Show, das letzte VLOG kommt morgen.
“I really like the SPD magazines. They are easy to turn and load. They don’t jam in my firearm which is a plus. I would suggest only turning the dial 2-3 times just so you don’t have any miss loads or miss fires. They go into my firearm nice and smooth and have no problems. I like the grips on the dial so you can be assured that your fingers don’t slip while loading. When I load it takes less time. I had no complications with these mags. I got to try the 31-round mags and the 17-round mags. The SPD magazines would be a great suggestion for competitions for when you have to load quickly.”
AT SHOT Show 2022, we had a chance to swing over to SPD Mags. They make proprietary magazines for Glocks and ARs that are equipped with a built-in, patent-pending device that allows you to manually crank or twist down the spring and follower in the magazine to make loading a breeze. Pretty innovative. Watch the video above to see precisely how it works.
“Wanna see the best product at SHOT?” hailed Obregon, who is the “manageress” of SPD Magazines of Kerrville, Texas. Then she demonstrated for visitors the line of aftermarket pistol, carbine, and AR magazines made by the company. They feature a crank on the toe of the magazines. Turn it one way, and the follower spring relaxes, allowing shooters to simply drop in ammunition without fighting the spring tension. Release the crank and the follower snaps taut, allowing for normal feeding. It’s a simple product, but it solves a problem that most shooters have encountered at one time or another: the laceration or chafing of your thumb as you load magazines with heavy spring tension.
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